Hello! I'm Albert!
I help kids and adults with speech difficulties to communicate using cards and communication boards.

AAC App Albert helps kids and adults
with speech difficulties to communicate
Albert is also a professional communication board maker, where one can adjust alsmost everything! You can create various activities in Albert: communication boards, visual timetable, communication books and dictionaries, games and exercises to develop language, cognitive and social skills.
Professionals: speech therapists, psychologists, teachers, social workers
Use at home, at school, at training and medical centers
People with difficulties in using their natural voice and speech problems
Kids and adults with cognitive disabilities
Albert helps people with ASD to start to communicate and develop speech skills, using communication cards
Autism Spectrum Disorder
How it works?
Three simple steps
reflecting your need, mood, action, object you want
Choose a card
Combine cards
to make a sentence
Say it
internal speech synthesizer will prounce the phrase you made
"Voice" the cards on the board using internal speech synthesis, record from microphone or attach sound file.
Speech synthesis
Several profiles on one device
Create cards from your own fotos, App Galery, download from Internet and cloud
Special Features
Main categories: pronouns, questions, calender, food, hygiene, verbs and actions, mood.
Import your own pictures and sounds!
A teacher can use the app with several kids, teens, adults
Parents can use the app with several kids
Board layout
70 pre-build communication cards
Several options are possible: matrix or custom with varying card size
Make communication board sets
Open boards together in multiple tabs
Make sets of communication board, relevant for one communication theme or social context. For example, "morning" routine", "at school", "my day"
Several modes: editing, preview, lesson with a kid.
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